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4 Point Inspection Tampa Bay
4 Point Inspector Tamp Bay

4 Point Inspection

A 4-Point Inspection is needed to bind insurance on a buildings 20-50 years of age, depending on each company's individual requirements.  Property insurance companies have very strict photograph requirements that must be met that are constantly changing, that are always provided with our reports.  The 4-point inspection itself is a limited visual inspection of 4 major systems of the house:




The roof system is traversed, if possible, and photographs taken to determine remaining life, age, and any defects.

Heating and Cooling

The outside condenser and inside air handler units are examined and photographed for condition, age, and functionality.


The main service panel and any subpanel deadfronts are removed and the wiring inside the panel and around the property is examined and photographed for any potential defects.


Visible plumbing components such as underneath sinks and hot water heaters are examined and photographed for leaks and any potential defects.

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