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Infrared Thermal Imaging Tampa Bay

Infrared Thermal Imaging

Infrared thermal imaging is an advanced building inspection.  It utilizes an expensive camera that captures infrared wavelengths that human eyes cannot see, and converts them into the visible spectrum of light for our eyes to analyze.  All home inspections and quoted prices include thermal imaging.  Some of the uses of thermal imaging and photographs of actual issues found using it are as follows:


Loose wiring connections and overheating/malfunctioning/loose electrical breakers inside a panel can cause fires.  Examination of breakers and wiring can detect important safety concerns that need corrected before they become your problem.

Roof Leaks

Florida homes are notorious for having flat and low sloped roofs that make traversing entire attic areas difficult to impossible, if there is an attic to speak of.  Interior ceiling and wall surfaces can be scanned to find potential sources of moisture.

Water Heater Elements

Water heaters have both an upper and lower element that heats the water.  When viewed through infrared thermal imaging, the 220-volt elements give off a heat signature that allows me, the inspector, to be sure that both elements are functioning.

Missing Insulation

Ceiling and wall areas can be scanned to determine if there is any insulation. The photograph here is of a flat roof with no attic that has no insulation to speak of.

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